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One of the biggest things that the Polish culture is known for is its fantastic cuisine. We refuse to have people leave hungry and not enjoy the local food. We invite you to stop by the kitchen where you will find a great selection of polish sausages, perogies, hunters stew, and much much more. We want nothing more than to see you satisfied and fed. Our cooks and kitchen staff spend a large amount of time preparing for just this event, and they smile when you smile. So don't' be shy and ask for that extra large serving of Polish kielbasa, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

Our Menu:
Pork Cutlets
Potato Pancakes
Cabbage Rolls
Pork Hocks
Assorted Cakes
Hunter's Stew
Coffee, Tea & Punch
....and much much more!

Watching all those performers jump around, perform acrobatics and mesmerize you with their steps, can be a tiring feat. It makes us thirsty just thinking about it. Head over to the bar where our knowledgeable bar staff will help you find the right drink for the right mood. Enjoy one of our world famous beers, and internationally know vodkas, while you take a moment to relax. We'll have a large menu with something for everyone, but just in case you can't wait to the event here is a list of all the great import choices we will have: Wyborowa

Of course that's not all, we will have a large assortment of domestic beer, and other liquors. Drop by for a visit, we can't wait to see you.

The Entertainment
A festival isn''t a festival without entertainment, and we have plenty of it. We have been working hard with numerous Polish groups throughout out Winnipeg as well as beyond, to deliver a great show, on and off stage. And the best part is that we have invited groups from other cultures to join us. By coming to the festival you will not only get to see the best that the Polish Community has to offer, but as well as talents from the Ukranian culture, Hungarian culture and more. All shows will feature classic dancing, new age folk dancing, rhythmic dancing, singing, instrumental, and even some special DJ mixes from our local talent. The weekend is sure to make you get up and want to join in on all the fun, so come out and enjoy the great time.

Local store
Need to stretch your feet a little? We have the perfect spot for you. Stop by our Polish store where you can buy numerous Polish memorabilia, including our unique designs of Polish t-shirts. Polish chocolates, key chains, and much, much more, all there to help you celebrate the culture.

Pub Night
You came, you saw the shows, you ate the food, what more can you do? Plenty! Just because the stage is closed for performances, the festivities don''t stop. Right after our last show we move the festivities to the side hall and invite everyone to join us. You saw the dancers at their best and now it's time to join them in showing your moves. We'll keep the party going with great live music, great people, and a lot of fun. The bar will be open, and our wonderful selection of different polish spirits and beers will be available. Come join us and celebrate as a community!